About craft shows

I just came back form the Contemporary Crafts Market in Pasadena and am getting ready for my first time participating at the American Craft council in San Francisco.

Every time I am part of one of this long shows, I come back with so many new ideas and many more thoughts and reflections on the whole experience.

What is always with me is the feeling that I CAN DO IT! It always leaves a feeling of power... so much logistics, so much hard physical work, so much social skills required.

The other part is the immediate feedback, educated and no so much, but all so valuable. You get to hear right then and there the reactions that your work provokes o people, the value thy find on it (or not). Each show has always some new compliments, some surprises.

This time someone realized how my plates are the perfect asparagus size!

But the winning comments were that my booth was the most "zen" that someone had seen and that my work has a strong architectural feeling.