Porcelain Cup / Bud Vase


Porcelain Cup / Bud Vase


Porcelain Cup / Bud Vase.

The top of the flower is shiny gold, while the bottom is a faded matt gold finish

3.5"H x 2.5"Diam

Wide bottom. Ideal for just a few flowers. Water tight and very stable; wonderful for side tables or as a center piece.
Glazed inside, bare porcelain outside.

All decorations are original, I am inspired by the world around me.
Each piece is unique, and even though they have the same motif, the decoration varies from piece to piece.

Food safe... I recommend not to use the microwave and hand washing for all my pieces. Do not pour boiling, stovetop water directly into handmade ware. “Pre-warming” pieces by filling with warm/hot tap water prior to pouring hot water for coffee or tea is ALWAYS recommended.

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