On Enthusiasm and Commitment

You see, my daughter signs up for almost everything that comes her way. Not only she signs up, but she sticks to her commitments, for a long time and most of the time with a big smile.

I often joke that this must be a recessive gene, as I would never describe myself or my husband as enthusiastic individuals.


When I look at my clay schedule for this year I realize that I just signed up for everything that has come my way. And I have been on a tread mill to create work for every clay commitment, while keeping up with my full time day job commitment - but that one is material for a different blog.

And as much as these have been some stressful couple of months I am really excited of what has happened and what is coming up, and I hope that you can join me on any or all of these events!

As a continuation of my last post, here is what is happening:

This year, I was again honored to be part of the Yunomi show with Clay Akar, and although all my yunomis have sold (yay!!!) there is still a good variety of amazing pieces by amazing artists available.

The Three-Person Exhibition opens this Saturday, July 6th, at the Beatrice Wood Center in Ojai. This is a very special show as I will be showing my work next to Stephen Edwards’s amazing glass sculptures an Ted Gall’s intricate bronze work.

Next week, I hit the road, Palo Alto bound. The ACGA Clay and Glass Festival is on July 13-14 at the Palo Art Center. This is an amazing opportunity to seize a high quality treasure and to explore a wide variety of approaches to clay and glass, functional and sculptural.

Following comes Origins: Ojai Studio Artists, where we will be exploring this theme in a wide variety of ways, I can’t wait to see how this will take shape!. Origins opens on August 16 at the Ojai Valley Museum and will run until the weekend of the Ojai Studio Artists Annual Studio Tour, October 12-14.

In between Origins and the OSA Studio Tour, I will be traveling to Minnesota to be part of the Northern Clay Center 2019 American Pottery Festival, September 6-8. I am specially exited abut this as my husband will join me and I will participate in a demo/discussion with Bryan Hopkins… which is also somewhat nerve-wracking.

Opening on October 5th, Cup: The Intimate Object XV will feature 5 of my cups, along with cups of renowned ceramic artists.

And last -for now;) is the celebration of the 10h anniversary of the Kansas City Clay Guild Tea Bowl National. As part of the celebration, KCCG will honor the best of show tea bowls from each and all years of this exhibition. I was honored to receive such award in 2014, and even though I won’t be able to attend, three of my tea bowls will be there in my representation.

I am working on finding something good for the holidays, stay tuned!

As for my daughter’s enthusiasm… I might have something to do with it.