Thanksgiving caught up with us and the holidays are knocking at our door.

I didn’t grow up with Thanksgiving, but it is a big holiday for my husband. Our families are far away and somehow we don’t have a Thanksgiving plan that remains the same from year to year, nor a group of people who we would always go to.

This year we chose to celebrate it at home, only the four of us. Christopher took on the cooking and incorporated some traditional dishes that used to always be present when he was growing up.

I have grown to like the idea of recounting our gifts, and to remind ourselves all the good we have, be it health, love, roof and food.

I am especially grateful for my husband, who is a true partner in raising our daughter and spoiling our dog, and who is supportive beyond reason of my crazy schedule, so that I can work with clay and keep that side business going to the best of my ability.

I am amazingly grateful for my kid’s enthusiasm, even though it drags us around on long and complicated logistics.

photo by Simone Noble

photo by Simone Noble

And I am mostly appreciative to all who support my porcelain work in any way, by shopping and gifting small and handmade, by giving me honest feedback, by keeping me company, by following my work.

I am taking advantage of the long weekend to be home and in the studio, catching up, so that I can keep up with the clay work and the holiday season. Some new work is now available in my online store and more will be added in the next few days.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!