Show Power

It has been a while since I have written.

Life gets on the way.

I wish the days had more hours and the weeks more days!

I just came back from the ACGA Clay & Glass Festival in Palo Alto. This one is my very favorite show. Great quality, amazing people -vendors and customers-. This year the weather was amazingly beautiful and I got to hang out with friends that I only see here, not to mention all the amazing work that you get to admire!

But no matter how amazing the show is, it is a lot of work, work that I love doing, but a lot of work, physical and emotional.

It all starts with a long and detailed to do and packing list, which each year is corrected and revised... there is always something missing. This year I left behind my hat and the ice packs for the cooler.

I live almost seven hours away, and I really enjoy the drive... the quiet time, the landscape, the anticipation of the show and on the way back to be home with my family. But still, it totals 14 hours of driving.

Setting up the booth is always fun. Every time finding a new way to display my work, by shape, or by pattern, of by color or by none!

The canopy is heavy and awkward, and it needs to be secured with additional weights to hold the tent down in case of wind. The tables are big an required lots of movement around them to set them in place.

Two days of sales and customer service follow. The best part of these shows is that you receive immediate and honest feedback, for better or for worst, and I love it!

Take down is my least favorite part, as I am tired form the weekend. Pack the work, take down the displays, go get the car, find a parking spot, pack the car. This year I was done in two and a half hours! Pretty good:)

This year, as many others, I was on my own.

This year as many others, I finished the show with a great sense of achievement and empowerment, knowing that I can do it!

This year as many others, I feel an immense sense of gratitude.

booth in progress.jpg