#metoo has reached the ceramic world, bringing to light allegations of sexual harassment and abusive business behavior -whether it is not following financial agreements or copyright infringement, among others-.

The clay community has responded with great love and support.

#PIAbadasswomen has highlighted the work of amazing women. #PIAbadasswomen makes me think of all women who have a family and often times have a parallel job to make ends meet, to pay the bills; the women who need to use their nights and weekends to work with clay or in any other media, and who juggle everything to put their work out in the world.

But #PIAbadasswomen also makes me also think of the partners who support these women in any way. Partners in any shape and form, romantic partners, business partners, parenthood partners.


Bowls by Christopher Bates

I have a partner who is supportive; a partner who participates in our home in the same way I do because we are on the same team; a partner who does not believe in gender roles; a partner that takes on more so that I can continue working in clay to the best of my ability.