Salt & Cellar, a Collaboration

I have many ideas. Some never come to life. Some do, but it takes time; sometimes too much time, but it is OK.

Many of these ideas are about collaboration, about supporting artists, about artists supporting artists, about women supporting women, about buying handmade, about buying local.

Professional Chef Robin Goldstein has published a nice collection of cook books and has developed a flavorful array of Salts and Spice Blends, among other things. I have been thinking about Robin’s salts for a long time… But I had not had the time to connect with her.

Last weekend, during the annual Ojai Studio Artists Tour, Robin came to visit. the stars were in the right place: a quiet moment, offering the opportunity to catch up.

I had a few wooden spoons that I had chosen long time ago for this project and a good selection of cellars I had produced for the tour. I shared my thought with her, and BAM, she was on board!

The morning after she brought a selection of her salts and I set up three sets for sale. I sold them all.

Salt & Cellar, a Collaboration

Salt & Cellar, a Collaboration

We have a small Salt & Cellar batch available now and will have a full selection by the beginning of December. Stayed tuned for more of these amazing housewarming or host gifts!